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FIDO U2F Security Key

Rouen, France - October 21, 2014. Plug-up International, a FIDO Alliance member, announces Plug-up U2F Security Key, a cost efficient FIDO Ready TM certified second factor authentication solution.

Plug-up U2F Security Key is available on the unique Plug-up USB Smartcard form factor, providing stronger security to desktop, laptop and portable devices in an affordable, fun and portable way.

Plug-up U2F Security Key is sold by Plug-up International to consumers on Amazon and their own shop at



Areas of expertise

Plug-up International aims to make hardware security more fun, affordable and easy to use. Plug-up designs and manufactures its own custom secure chip solutions. Our core product offers a wide range of use cases:

Strong Authentification

FIDO Alliance Member and FIDO U2F Ready Products


Secure Access Modules

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Access your private data safely with strong authentication solutions.


Communicate with your consumers and match their needs. Take control of your data.





Birth of the Plug-up concept: a smartcard safely pluggable on any USB port.


Investors join the project and the company Plug-up International is created. The company is located near Rouen in 1800 square meter offices. Plug-up sets up its production tools.


Plug-up International starts its activity in a demanding market and gets its first orders from large groups. Plug-up won the OSEA trophy for innovation in products and services in Normandy this year, which is the first official acknowledgement its works.


Plug-up International joins the FIDO Alliance.


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